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Why get smaller? Workout to be MORE.

I work out to be MORE of myself, not less.

Day before yesterday, I had a conversation about what my deepest fitness beliefs are.


It was a little hard to put them all in words at that moment, but there are a few primary, cornerstone beliefs that guide my own fitness and how I train and coach others.


One of those primary beliefs that came to mind first was that I believe in working out to be more of oneself, not less.


I know that can sound weird at first, because we’re so socially programmed (especially as women) to exercise to make less of ourselves in terms of size, weight and body fat.


The objective is always to get smaller in some way.


Now, I’m not saying ‘hey get out there and get as BIG as you can’ instead (unless that’s your thing, then by all means, do!).


I’m saying that maybe if we shift our attitude towards the purpose of exercise in our lives, we will be happier with our bodies, our selves and our lives.


I’m saying that using exercise to grow into more of our human potential, into more of our best selves–the strongest, most capable, most courageous, whole-hearted, inspirational versions of our selves can be SO much more fulfilling, while STILL yielding those aesthetic results we seek.


It’s not an ‘either-or’ prospect: the goals of growing stronger, becoming more AND changing one’s body composition are mutually agreeable.


My bottom line: life is fuller and better when we approach exercise and fitness with a growth mentality full of joy and hope, rather than with a ‘shrink’ mentality full of fear and dissatisfaction.


It’s why I say: Work out to be MORE of your self, not less.


Got L.O.M.?



It’s Trainer Tip Tuesday!

This week’s tip: Plan for the L.O.M. (Loss of Motivation)



I know it probably sounds a little negative or pessimistic, but I think planning for those times that you lose some or all motivation to do your workouts, go on your runs, eat more healthfully is one of THE most important things you can do to maintain your long-term fitness.



I say plan for these times because they WILL happen eventually at some point. It could be due to an life interrupting event, a vacation, a particularly stressful time at work, an injury…or just running out of steam. It’s pretty likely that some–or all–of these events will occur within your lifetime.


So rather than wave the white flag on your hard-earned fitness habits, it’s time to muscle up the pink stuff between your ears. And that’s lots easier to do when you’re PREPARED for these moments!


Today I coached two different ladies through their momentary L.O.M., and I’ll give you my Top 5 Strategies for getting through an L.OM.



First, think about why you started in the first place–what is it you really want to accomplish, or feel by working out/eating better? Picture it in your head.


Try to feel what getting to that point you’re striving for would FEEL like for you.


Successful? Free? Joyful? Confident?


Whatever it is, grab on to those thoughts and feelings and keep them in the front of your mind.





2) Plan your workouts for the week.




Start with shorter ones (anywhere from 10-20 minutes).


Then do them. Lay out the clothes, arrange the workout gear, prep your playlist–whatever prep work that ‘greases the wheels’ and makes it easier to go right to the workout, do that stuff.



3) DO those workouts.

Do not think about it, do not allow any self-talk about it. There is no discussion, you just do it.








4) Find sayings that are meaningful to you, that get you feeling positive, hopeful, determined.


Mantras, quotes–whatever. Post those where you can see them (I’m partial to putting them on my fridge and my bathroom mirror–because I’m guaranteed to look in those places throughout the day!).




5) If you need the extra external shot in the arm or kick in the butt (otherwise known as the carrot and the whip, lol), find someone to be an accountability partner OR take part in some kind of fitness group.


It’s a great place to say ‘Hey, I’m struggling–can you help?’ where others will give you the boost you might need…OR just the kick in the butt to give you some momentum 😉



And studies show that people with supportive social networks tend to be more successful with long-term weight loss and fitness maintenance work….


If you’re looking for a supportive fitness social network, come join Elevate with Kate–a FB fitness community all about lifting each other up as we each work to become stronger, happier and healthier 🙂  https://www.facebook.com/groups/elevatewithkate/


Bottom Line:

Don’t let life’s waves knock you off track. Plan for those pitfall, L.O.M. moments, and when they happen you’ll know exactly what to do to dust yourself off and keep going.