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Trainer Tip Tuesday: Cueing the Pull Up!


It’s Trainer Tip Tuesday!

This week’s tip is for the pull up–pretty much my favorite exercise ever.


But it wasn’t always…not so long ago it seemed like something I’d never be able to do, but persistence pays off!

That and a using a few smart training tips and cues 🙂


These days, I’m working on being able to do more pull-ups and higher quality (chest to bar, not just chin over bar), even at the END of a tough workout.


I’ve struggled a bit until recently, when I heard the greatest cue (direction) from Susi, one of the trainers at CrossFit Ansbach.

“Pull the bar down to you.”


For the LONGEST time, I’ve been pulling my chest up to the bar–because that’s what I’d learned to do.



But pulling the bar down to me? That was new–and wicked effective.

One moment I was struggling to get a half-rep, the next my chest was practically touching the bar, and I hadn’t taken a break. Shoot!


Sometimes all it takes to really ‘get’ an exercise is the right kind of cue.

Thing is, that’s often different for different people because we all communicate and think slightly differently than each other! (Wouldn’t want to make it easy or anything….:P)


Anyway, next time you’re getting under the bar to work on your pull-ups, think about the idea of ‘pulling the bar down to you,’ rather than pulling yourself up to the bar. It just might be the cue that works for you, too!


And let me know how it goes!