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The FASTEST way to lose weight, burn fat and feel better for good…

Change never fails because it's too early...quote-2

…isn’t fast at all.


Hear me out.


My husband was in the states for a training not too long ago, and had access to ‘normal’ American TV–that is, TV programming complete with commercials.


Living in Germany, we have American television shows broadcasting through AFN (Armed Forces Network), but because of the agreement between the military and those stateside networks supplying the programming, we have only military-created commercials/informercials (or as I like to call it, propaganda!).  So the culture shock of being flooded by a tidal wave of sales pitches and products made an impression on him this trip.


“Kate,” he said in one of his first phone calls home, “you would not believe how many diet and workout and exercise equipment commercials there are.  It’s like every other one is for some diet pill, or DVD, or super supplement, or exercise tool.”


Seriously, he was pretty shocked.

I wasn’t.

The fitness/diet industry is BIG BUSINESS.


These diet/fitness businesses target people sitting at home, feeling dissatisfied and frustrated, offering them a glossy, gorgeous, EASY miracle solution to their difficulties.  And people will buy these ‘miracle’ solutions, too–I know I did!


Sitting in my father’s basement TV room while visiting home, 6 months postpartum, with a gorgeous and healthy baby, I was also feeling trapped–10 pounds heavier than my pre-baby weight, wearing a bigger pant size, and A LOT more squishy than I’d been before getting pregnant.



November 2005 kate and taylor playing in the rec room

Prior to this trip, I’d been stuck at home with an infant and very few friends at our duty station in Fort Polk, Louisiana, I was emotionally eating throughout the day and not exercising at all, aside from daily walks with the stroller when the weather (and temperature) permitted.  I was isolated, stuck in the middle of nowhere, had no childcare available to me, my marriage was strained, and I was so desperate to make things better SOMEHOW.

While mindlessly watching some show on cable tv, an informercial for The FIRM came on.  It caught my attention.  The FIRM offered a way to work out at home, provided a DVD workout series to follow, a monthly workout plan, a step apparatus and a series of very convincing ‘before and after’ testimonials from people just like ME.


This was the answer to my problems!  If I got bought the The FIRM intro kit and series, I could reshape my body, I could look like them–lean, tight, toned, beautiful!  THIS would make me happy! Hallelujah!


 I scrambled for my wallet and promptly ordered the kit that had been promoted.

Following The Firm workouts did get me active again, and helped–for a little while.  But nothing really worked until I was forced to get real with myself, to learn to strength train safely and effectively, to develop a healthier and more balanced relationship with and attitude towards food, to learn to own my thoughts and behavior and take responsibility for my choices.


I learned to be the pitcher rather than the batter.  

This process, because true change is process not a product, started in 2006 and continues today.


June 2006


March 2015

Some products on tv are pretty decent–such as The FIRM–are pretty safe and reliable, with a positive cost:benefit ratio (low on risk, higher on reward/outcome).  But none of them are a miracle cure.


Diet pills are an ‘EASY’ button for a little while–until they don’t work well any longer, or cause a whole host of physical (and emotional) ailments.



Some training DVDs and programs can create a ‘training response’ for a while, but are often too strenuous or too high impact for a person who is just starting out or those who might have (old) injuries or conditions.


And many of the Quick-Fix diets, challenges and programs (21-Day Fix, in particular) only work for as long as you use them (and keep buying them) or follow their rules–usually too regimented and strict to follow for much longer than the 21 or 30 days allotted for the program.


Recently, I’ve seen women giving testimonials about the how well the 21-Day Fix worked, saying they were really starting to see results–on their THIRD round.


Question for you:

If this ‘Fix’ really ‘fixes’ things, why does anyone need to do multiple rounds to get results???


“Sure, any female who’s allotted a point system or given a micromanaged selection of TV dinners will succeed, but only as long as she’s paying up and being spoon-fed. Once she starts thinking for herself in the kitchen, those same vices she wrestled with before become problematic again.” https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/10-mistakes-women-make-with-diets


All of these programs, potions and pills do one thing that ultimately sabotages our efforts at losing weight, losing body fat, gaining lean muscle, becoming more shapely, feeling more satisfied and confident in our abilities–they cultivate reliance on THAT program/potion/pill, rather than really educating and fostering the development of self-reliance, because where would the money be in that?!?!?!


The ONLY way to really change for good (and even this will continue to be a moving target as we age and change), is to LEARN what your body needs in terms of healthy nutrition and physical activity as well as finding the positive thought processes and self-talk that sustain you through periods of challenge.


If you’re kind of at a crossroads, or struggling a bit or feeling frustrated with a lack of progress or just kind of ‘stuck;’ if you’ve tried lots of diets, done lots of ‘challenges,’ and things don’t stay ‘fixed,’ consider these questions:

  • What will you be doing in 10 or 20 years from now?
  • Will you still be ‘fixing’ things with diets, pills, potions and/or challenges, relying on buying a product, program or advice from the representative of a big-business company–or even contemplating something more drastic, like surgery??
  • OR will you have internalized healthy and sustainable eating patterns and movement into your daily life in a way that supports and meets YOUR body’s and lifestyle needs??
  • Will you be grasping at straws or will you be thriving, trusting your own knowledge, judgment, intuition and working in partnership with your body instead of against it?

The FIRM wasn’t the answer for me.  Neither was Herbalife, or GNC diet pills, or the Zone Diet, or the Body for Life diet–or any other handful of extreme, desperate measures I’d taken between the ages of 20 and 30, when I’d sought to subdue my body, to force it to look and behave the way I desired it to.


None of these products or approaches was the answer I sought to look and feel better because none of them TAUGHT me anything.


None of them helped me better understand how nutrition affected, and could affect, my body.  None of them helped me gain the knowledge I needed to strength train and work out safely and effectively.  None of them helped me learn to think stronger, to overcome the inevitable hurdles and pitfalls in normal life that can so easily throw you off track (if you let them).  None of them taught me to believe in myself–in my own resilience and strength and abilities.


Real and lasting change, the kind you can maintain and adjust and adapt throughout the rest of your life, comes from:

  • cultivating greater self-awareness
  • learning how to make healthier food choices
  • learning how to strength train and exercise efficiently and effectively
  • learning how to adapt your habits to work harmoniously with your lifestyle
  • learning how to think stronger and developing resilience

These things take time to develop.

Gandhi pull ups

The gorgeous thing is, once you develop these key areas of thinking and understanding, you have them for good.

You have the tools you need to adapt and overcome, to tweak and evolve as you grow and change throughout the rest of your life.  You have the ability to live with less angst and more joy and peace where food, exercise, how your body looks and feels are concerned.


You can’t get that from a quick fix or a pre-programmed diet.

The fact that change takes time shouldn’t be off-putting.  The fact that change takes time means that it is an investment you make in yourself, and just like investing money, dividends or payoffs take TIME.

And aren’t you worth that investment?



If you’re ready to give up on the quick fix and learn to make changes that will both work for YOU and LAST, if you’re ready to trade in gimmicks and products for solid workout knowledge and plans, if you’re ready to invest yourself in YOU, then The Nourished Mind coaching program is for you.


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Remember, I’m always here for you.

Keep it real!