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*Let’s talk about creating the body and lifestyle you want in a FREE 30 minute discovery call*

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Comprehensive “One Size Fits One” Coaching:



  • Initial Consultation
  • Health Consultation (by phone)
  • Fitness Assessment (review of paperwork, plus video call movement screening)
  • One 4-week Individualized Fitness Program (per month of coaching)
  • Review of food journal and diet/eating habit counseling
  • Lifestyle/Health Coaching
  • Weekly video or phone check-ins
  • Unlimited Email or Text Messaging
  • Customized exercise demo videos


4-Week Coaching Package:    $247


12-Week Coaching Package:  $587





I also offer completely customized programs and coaching packages, tailored to meet your exact wants and needs.  Just contact me to set up a time to talk it over in a *free* consultation call!




What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is a general term for examining and discussing all the different variables of our lifestyle that impact our overall health, fitness and wellness.


These variables include:  mindset (how our thought patterns affect our outlook and choices), stress management, time management, sleep management.


What does a Fitness Assessment consist of?

A Fitness Assessment consists of a self-assessment worksheet which covers your current state of fitness, basic health information, a brief medical history and history of any injuries.


This is followed by a video call (Skype, google hangouts, Factime, FB chat, etc.) in which you will perform several basic exercises so that I can take a look at your strength, form, and your major joints’ range of motion.


This information makes it possible for me to create the most appropriate and helpful fitness program that is tailored to meet your current needs.

How does the diet and eating habits counseling work?

Each day, you will complete a daily nutrition log or journal, detailing what foods you ate, how much, at what times, and how you were feeling at those times.


We will review your nutrition logs on a weekly basis, assessing if your nutrition is meeting your current health and fitness needs and goals.


We will also discuss strategies for improving nutrition practices, and agree upon one new strategy to implement each week (or as we deem appropriate).




For more information or to set up a consultation, send a quick email to: and we’ll set up a time to chat!

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