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Who am I anyway?

I’m a born-and-bred Pacific Northwesterner, lover of strong coffee, running, traveling, wine, horses, jeans, boots and sweaters, lifting any kind of weights, and down time.  I’ve been married to my husband for 14 years, and married to the US Army all that time by proxy.  Raising my two kids, 8 and 11, in Germany and straddling two cultures keeps me on my toes, in the best ways.



I’m certified by the American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach.  I’m Levels 1 and 2-certified in TRX Force Strength.  I’m a former elementary educator with a B.A. in English and a Master’s in Teaching–which help me be a better communicator.  And my continuing work as a volunteer Physical Therapy Assistant helps me better bridge the gap between corrective exercise and general fitness.


I’ve never met a hill I didn’t like–that would be the Seattle in me.  I love a good challenge, be it a Tough Mudder, a ropes course (Kletterwald, auf Deutsche), a Berglauf (mountain run), or a pull up ‘contest.’  Pull ups have become an obsession, and I think everyone can benefit (especially women) from being able to do a couple–it does wonders for your confidence.


Testing limits–especially self-imposed ones–is a central theme to my own training and that of my clients.


The world opens up to you when you let go of ‘I can’ts’ and ‘I’ll nevers’ and replace those thoughts with “What if I can?  Let’s give it a shot.”




Once upon a time, I ‘worked out’ to lose weight and ‘look better’ in the hopes of feeling better about myself.  It was an ‘outside-in’ project.


The funny thing was, it turned out that looking a certain way on the outside didn’t make me happier on the inside.


But finding satisfaction in being more physically capable, being able to freely move more weight around, run further and longer, those things made me happy with my whole self.


The kicker? In the process of just doing that which made me happier, I built the body I’d aesthetically desired.


Building a stronger body, a more resilient mind and spirit is the focus of my journey through fitness and work as a trainer and health coach now.


Pushing back limits, learning to live in harmony with one’s body, learning to embrace challenge and change: these are the central components to my training and coaching.


I don’t just train for short-term results; I train with the long-haul in mind.


Because there’s a lot of life to be lived, and there’s only one finish line.  Which is why I say: What are you waiting for?


Other ways we can connect:

You can find workout videos–especially my regular Workout Wednesday feature–and other exercise demos on my YouTube Channel: Kate Whetsel
You can also follow me on Pinterest, where I pin all the good stuff I can’t fit on my page here: http://www.pinterest.com/katewhetsel/


Or you can find me on Instagram, with daily tips, videos, and inspiration: http://instagram.com/reallifefitbykate



  1. Deb says:

    Kate – luv your website!! The pictures and positive message you share is awesome! Thank you!!!!

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