FREE Back to YOU Boot Camp 7-Day Challenge

FREE Back to You Boot Camp 7-Day Challenge



Summer is amazing—so much to enjoy with warmer weather, vacations, barbeques and outdoor celebrations…and it’s also super easy to get knocked off track from our normal workout and eating habits!



We might have had less time for ourselves, indulged a little more often than is helpful, moved a bit less, or at least less consistently and just generally lost some workout steam and mojo.



I know the past month of birthday parties, having the kids at home, and going on a trip have thrown my consistency for a loop!



And you know what? It happens, and it’s all okay.



We’ll just hit the RESET button and start over with a clean slate together!


Reset Button


Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m an A.C.E.-certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach, Army spouse and mother of two, and I help busy women create customized fitness and nutrition plans so they can eat better, move better, get stronger and stay in shape for life.


Before I had kids, I used to love spending an hour in the gym.  And since having kids?  I’ve had to get creative, making effective workouts that I could actually get done–one  I could squeeze in during nap time, or do at home at the end of the day, or be able to actually get done on a lunch break.




One of the things I hear often from women all over the globe each week is that they ‘get on a rhythm’ with their workouts–and then something derails them and it’s hard to get their motivation back to start all over again.  Another challenge I hear from readers is that they feel conflicted about taking time for themselves to work out when they’ve already been away from their families all day.


The solution?  30-minute or less strength+HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts that can be done just about anywhere with little or no equipment!



Now that the kids are back to school, vacations and summer holidays are behind us, it’s time to get back to focusing on YOU.


Get back into the swing of things and start building back up those consistent exercise and healthier eating habits with the 7-day “Back to You Boot Camp” challenge!


What it is:

The FREE Back to You Boot Camp Challenge is a 7-day workout and healthier eating ‘reset’ challenge, designed to help you get back to working out more consistently, eating a little better, and feeling like your best you all over again.

Through 7 days of 30-minute or less workouts, daily nutrition mini-challenges, and motivation-boosters, we’ll create ‘inertia-based motivation’ that will keep you moving long after the 7 days are over—because bodies in motion tend to stay in motion (just ask Einstein).



The Details:

Cost: FREE

Starts: September 6, 2016

Ends: September 12, 2016

Sign-up: Here



In the FREE Back to You Boot Camp challenge, you’ll get:


➢ 7 days of done-for-you, do-anywhere workouts that use minimal or no equipment (so you can get them done no matter where you are) delivered straight to your inbox


➢ Downloadable PDFs for each workout PLUS a video link for each workout


➢ Daily nutrition tip and mini-challenge to make eating a bit better more fun


➢ Accountability! AND the chance to win a FREE 30-minute fitness consult, 2 FREE customized online workouts, and a FREE food journal assessment/nutrition consult (a total value of $200) **Three committed participants will win these prizes!**


➢ Access to the Elevate with Kate FB group and support from a community of positive and dynamic group of women


➢ Access to daily support from me, so I can answer any questions you may have along the way


➢ A great sweat everyday through my effective strength and HIIT combo workouts (modifications will be provided to make the workouts more accessible, as needed)


➢ ‘Inertia-Based Motivation’ that will keep you moving and working out long after our 7-day challenge is over!



What you need to do:

  • First, Sign Up HERE 🙂


Then during the challenge you will:


  • You’ll get a daily coaching email from me, *first thing* in the morning, which will also include that day’s workout, that workout’s video link, plus that day’s nutrition mini-challenge and motivational coaching 🙂


  • Do each day’s workout and complete the nutrition mini-challenge–woohoo, taking action and creating consistency!
  • Check in with me each day during the challenge.  You can do this by posting on the daily challenge thread in our Elevate with Kate FB group (where the challenge will be hosted), OR via posting a picture on Instagram with the hashtags #back2youbootcamp and #day1 (or whatever day it is).  It just depends on what you’re more comfortable with! **More on this below, BUT you don’t have to post anything in order to take part in the challenge, you just have to post to win prizes**
  • How to win: Everyone who completes all 7 days of workouts and shares those successes via our FB group posts or IG will be entered into a drawing to win one of the prizes.
  • Questions? You can always email me:


**I totally realize sometimes sharing photos publicly can be scary because it can make us feel so vulnerable, and we might wonder–‘who might see me,’ ‘what will they think,’ ‘what if I look dumb,’ or even ‘what if I feel dumb or totally embarrassed??’


It took me a while to get over my nerves posting photos, then videos on Facebook when I first started my business, and I was really nervous when I started using IG, too.  But the more I posted, the less nervous I became and the more fun I had with it–because it’s easy to connect with friends and family directly through #hashtagging and linking to them (@reallifefitbykate, for example).


Actually, that’s one part that can get really fun:  bringing our family and friends into the experience with us–maybe even inspiring them to join us, or to start moving more consistently on their own.

I read a quote last February that made me rethink those moments where I’m scared to put myself out there, and it’s helped me be more brave: “You have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs.”  (Katherine Center)

You never know who you might inspire by doing those things that are a little bit out of your comfort zone <3


The big idea is this:  Through the pictures and posts we will share, we’ll show ourselves and each other how we’re following through on our commitment to move consistently for 7 days and renew our workout motivation.  AND we get to celebrate every single little win together.  Celebrating our everyday wins is key to our continued success!


As author Greg McKeown says, “When we celebrate small and simple wins, we can use that momentum to work toward the next win, and the next one, and so on, until we have a significant breakthrough. And when we do, our progress will have become so frictionless and effortless that the breakthrough will seem like an overnight success.”


–> More details on how, when and where to post these pictures will be shared in the welcome email after you sign up for the challenge, and if you want to check out how I post on my IG, you can go to this link:  


And until the challenge starts on September 6, you can:

*Join the Elevate with Kate FB group to start getting exercise and nutrition tips, motivation, workout ideas and support from a positive community of amazing women right now!

* Invite friends and family to join in with you! We all do better when we do it together AND it drives up that accountability factor—workout and accountability buddies are the best!


So hit the RESET button and let’s get our bodies back in motion together!

Reset Button

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