Livable Diet: The FREE Nutrition Framework

Livable Diet:  The FREE Nutrition Framework to Help You Quit Yo-Yo Dieting FOR GOOD.


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Feeling like you are constantly on a diet is exhausting: “When is this one going to be over? When will I be able to “eat freely” again?”


I get it.  For 20 years, I tried everything from a celery-Cheetos-diet Coke diet, to “Eat-Clean Diet” rules to strict figure competition-style plans. They worked for a time, but they were so mentally exhausting there was no way I could do them long-term.


Enter: The Livable Diet.  My FREE nutrition framework that’s actually not even a “diet” so much as a formula to help you CREATE the perfect eating solution FOR YOU.


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Hi, I’m Kate, creator of The Nourished Mind and The Livable Diet system.  I’m a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach, Army spouse and mother of two, and I know how stressful dieting can be!


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Between the ages of 18, when I went on that celery-Cheetos-diet Coke diet (because celery has ‘negative’ calories and ‘balanced out’ the cheetos!!), and 38 when I let go of the Eat-Clean rules, I went on SO many different diets, and I tried SO many different diet and weight loss products.


It was exhausting and stressful–for me AND my family.  So I threw in the diet towel, and decided to figure out how to eat in a way that worked for my body, my family and my lifestyle. I stopped following other people’s rules, and started making my own.


Through developing and using the exact steps in my Livable Diet system, I learned:


  • How much food was the right amount for me, aka: be like ‘Goldilocks’
  • How to enjoy treats without guilt OR bingeing
  • How to put together meals that were in balance with my needs AND satisfying
  • How to be mindful, but not obsessive, about my food choices
  • How to ‘tweak’ my diet when it needs a little updating (because life isn’t constant!)


It took me a couple of years to do this for myself, but I’ve turned all the lessons I’ve learned from my experience into the Livable Diet system that you, too, can use to learn to eat moderately—in a way that agrees with your body’s need and your lifestyle.


It’s the system I wish I’d had 20 years ago!

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If you’re ready to stop chasing your tail and beating your head against yet another diet wall, then maybe you’re ready to try creating a ‘Livable Diet’ of your own.


This is a FREE e-course in which I share my 10 steps for ditching the diet mentality for good and creating your own flexible, adaptable and permanently effective ‘Livable Diet.’

What’s Included in the Livable Diet:

> The exact tools and strategies I used that helped me go from a stressful dieter to a confident healthy mom of two without following anyone’s rules except my own. 

> My #1 highly effective technique for interrupting a ‘craving in progress’ (and deal with it positively)without feeling deprived. 

> Finally become a master of your nutrition by learning my food portion and combination strategy that works best for your body.

> How to stop obsessing or going overboard with food with my simple steps to enjoying treats guilt free! 


And much more!

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Each Thursday, you’ll get a single step in the process, with actionable tips and even a cheat sheet to help you start on the path to diet freedom, helping you create your own adaptable, sustainable, effective Livable Diet.  Through following these steps, and doing a little ‘homework,’ you’ll be on your way to ditching diets for good and making your own diet rules.




Because life is too short to be jumping from diet to diet.

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