Problem…or Opportunity?


I’ve been talking to many people lately about how things are challenging at the moment. Life is throwing wrenches in their best-laid plans, or what they are aiming to accomplish (daily or weekly) is just feeling hard to do.

Like, REALLY hard. And I’m right there, too.

When we run into these challenges, or phases of HARD (and I promise, it IS just a phase), we can handle them in a couple of ways. We can roll over, wave the white flag and say, ‘See, it just wasn’t meant to be.’ This can be seriously tempting at times–I had the desire myself week before last!

Or…we can change our perspective on our challenges.

We can choose to look at what’s challenging us as a gift–as something that’s been put in our lives to test our mettle a little bit, to cause us to grow stronger, or more determined, or more resilient, or to develop skills and talents we otherwise would not have.

We can open ourselves up to the lesson that this phase of challenge offers us, and grow through it rather than be shut down by it.

I know in my own life, my greatest accomplishments have come through facing, enduring, living through and learning from challenges that threatened to devastate me.

Each time I go through another phase of challenge, however big or small, I also know that I am GROWing through it, and I’ll come out better on the other side.

So if you’re one of those people feeling challenged lately, blown about by life, I’d say stop and take a look at what lesson your challenge might be trying to teach you. It just might be a gift in disguise.


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