Finding my new happy…in an unexpected place.

Change never fails because it's too early...quote-2

I have a confession.

It’s a big one I’ve been sitting on for four months now.

But I thought it was time to come clean and ‘out’ myself.


I’ve joined a CrossFit gym–CrossFit Ansbach, to be specific.


For those of you who have known me or trained with me over the past few years, this is probably a big surprise to you! I’m still a little surprised at myself, too, but you’ll understand why I’ve made this choice when I explain in a minute.


First, a little background….I’ve been super critical of CrossFit in general.


Mostly because what I’ve seen being performed in the post fitness facility and on the internet is, well, pretty darn awful in terms of form, execution, safety; and the cost:benefit ratio is way off.


I’ve witnessed a lot of ‘go harder’ not ‘work smarter’–untrained people lifting heavily weighted barbells poorly and at crazy, uncontrolled tempos.


I volunteer in a Physical Therapy clinic as an extra set of eyes and hands, helping patients with their therapy exercises, etc.  I’ve also been the fortunate recipient of treatment there twice–fortunate because my treatment worked really well AND I learned a ton about joint function and healthy movement patterns as a result.


This experience makes me a little wary of exercise selection and people performing weighted movements in some scary (and sometimes desperate-looking) ways.


But back to my confession…and the reasons behind my possibly surprising choice.


I made the difficult (and risky) decision to leave my position as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at the post fitness center just about a year ago.


Though I truly loved my clients and class-goers, and was getting plenty of business, it was simply no longer a good fit for me for a number of reasons.  I persisted in working out there for a number of months afterwards (there aren’t that many options where we’re stationed!)…but it just wasn’t a good place for me any longer, even as a gym patron.


After some soul-searching and ego-checking, I realized a few things:

1) I needed a change.  

2) I wanted to learn and grow.  

3) I needed guidance and expert training.  

4) At 40, I wanted to test and realize my athletic potential.  I did not know what I was TRULY capable of doing, and I wasn’t getting any younger, lol!


So I followed the recommendation of a fellow trainer I respected and checked out CrossFit Ansbach.  I promised myself I wouldn’t do anything I deemed unsafe or overly risky, and that I would keep an open line of communication with the trainers if my shoulders, etc., started to feel bad.


It’s been one of the best choices I’ve made for myself in a long time.  I found that the community was warm and positive (and drama-free), and the owner and trainers were knowledgeable and attentive, AND they were as preoccupied with participant safety as I was.

And I have learned and grown–a ton already.

I’m adding new skills and knowledge to my toolkit as both an athlete and a personal trainer regularly.



I’ve already exceeded my own expectations of my abilities and athleticism, and at this point the proverbial sky is the limit 🙂

Moral of my story and confession:  

You have to do what’s right for you. 


If something in your life isn’t a good fit, if it’s not serving you or growing you, if it’s causing you internal strife on a regular basis, then that something needs to change.


It can take serious guts to pull up roots, take a chance on something unknown, to do what other people might not understand or condone, but it’s essential to living a happier, more peaceful, more full life.


Life is short.  It goes by faster than you think it will.  Do that thing that scares you. 

Make those changes you know you need to so that you can think, feel, do and live better.  Find the people who have the skills, tools and knowledge to help you grow.

Stick with the people who make you feel like a better person, not the ones who drag you down.

Don’t wait.

Get out there and do one thing today that gets you closer to the you that you want to be and the happy that you seek.

Follow your gut.  Find your happy.


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