Thankful Thursday! August 20, 2015


It’s Thankful Thursday!

What are YOU grateful for today? πŸ™‚

Today I’m grateful for every injury I’ve ever sustained. Sounds weird, right?!?

Practicing daily gratitude.

Practicing daily gratitude.

Let me explain….

Really, I’m so grateful for the shin splints I got in college, because they taught me to buy better running shoes.

I’m grateful for the ovarian cyst I had removed after college, because it taught me respect for the healing powers of the body and what it means to really start from scratch again fitness-wise.

I’m grateful for the pulled hip flexor muscles I got from jumping back into playing soccer too soon after surgery, because it taught me the importance of re-conditioning.

I’m grateful for the nasty horse riding fall I had and low-back/pelvic trauma that resulted, because it taught me about the importance of core strength and respect for rebuilding the body structurally.

I also never took walking or running for granted again.

I’m grateful for breaking my big toe, and even the bone infection that followed, because it taught me to value my body’s health once more, not just how it looked.


I’m grateful for tearing my meniscus and needing surgery, because it taught me more about the importance and role of strong hip (glute) muscles and how to run more healthfully and effectively.

I’m grateful for the shoulder injury I needed 14 weeks of PT for, because it taught me the importance of scapular muscle strength and how to build a healthier shoulder.


Tough Mudder 2013: One month after completing PT for my shoulder. The result? An awesome, pain-free, injury-free experience.

Every injury I’ve experienced and healed from, no matter how devastating or frustrating they were at the time, have been opportunities for practicing gratitude and learning more.

These experiences have created in me a deep respect for the function of the human body, and the partnership we all have between our bodies and our human spirit. This respect has become the foundation of my training and coaching practices.


Without all these experiences, I’m not sure what kind of person, let alone trainer, I would be, hence massive gratitude πŸ™‚

So what ARE you grateful for? πŸ™‚

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  1. Chris says:

    Kate, I am learning and growing daily being with you here, Facebook and you tube. Just when I’m feeling like giving it all up, you come along with columns of wisdom, great thinking, and your personal life from which I am learning and growing! Thank you. And it is so wonderful to be in your company.

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