Trainer Tip Tuesday: Stick to the Big 3 and make them Colorful

In a pinch?  No idea whet to eat??


Then stick to the Big 3 and Make It Colorful.


IMG_5725I’ll explain what I mean….




There are just those times, this being one of them for me, where you just get off-track. When life picks up momentum, schedules and normalcies change on you suddenly, and your regular practices get knocked to the wayside.




It’s definitely one of those times when all of my systems are off, and a big one is planning and executing meal and snack ‘plans’ for me and my family. We had guests visiting for several weeks, it’s the end of the school year with tons of extra parties/etc, and preplanning and regular trips to the store area little bit MIA, if I’m being honest!




So rather than really freak out when faced with the prospect of cooking yet another healthy (healthier, at least) dinner, I took a deep breath, shook off my inner perfectionist, and focused on the basics of delivering edible, nutrient dense foods: Hit the Big 3 and Make It Colorful.


Roasted summer veggies, salmon and quinoa–another way to get your colorful Big 3.

Hitting the ‘Big 3’ to me means making sure to include a serving of protein, a serving of a starch/carb, a big serving of veggies. And my super reliable ‘portions hack’ is to divide my medium-sized plate (wow does plate size matter!) into 1/4 protein, 1/4 carb, and 1/2 vegetable.

Making it colorful is a really easy and reliable way to also ensure you get a variety of nutrients AND it’s really satisfying to the brain.

Last night’s scramble-to-get-a-decent-meal-on-the-table-in-time creation was: Roasted carrots, turkey breast ‘steaks,’ raw bell pepper slices and varying pastas with olive oil and parmesan.



Cut raw veggies are always a quick and simple way to get in more nutrients.

Where’d this concoction come from?

A bunch of carrots in the veggie drawer, couple of bell peppers in the veggie bowl, turkey breasts on sale cheap the day before, and leftover pastas from spaghetti dinners earlier in the week.

Mission accomplished.

Another favorite combination that is both pleasing to the eye (brain), the stomach and the palate are: any kind of lean red meat, steamed broccoli and yams or another colorful squash.

Tomato-based chilis get topped with avocado, salads get red bell peppers and beets, fritattas (another fabulous go-to in a pinch dish) get a mess of colorful veggies.

Other past colorful, nutrient-dense combos are featured in the pictures from the Whetsel kitchen:

       IMG_4517 IMG_4485 IMG_4281

So when you’re strapped for time or ideas, look around your kitchen and avoid stress by sticking to the Big 3 and Making It Colorful.

What are your favorite colorful food combos? I’d love to hear!

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