Why I REALLY work out–And why YOU should, too.


That moment when…you realize that doing ‘The Murph’ was the easiest part of your day.

This parenting thing is no joke.

I sometimes kid that I push myself so hard in workouts and choose physical challenge after challenge because it gives me the endurance, and keeps me mentally tough enough, to deal with the rigors of parenting, being an Army spouse, and living overseas.



I kid…except I don’t kid.


Really, over time, I realized that my running created in me an ability to endure and persevere, even when things were really painful and difficult.

Burgbernheim Berglauf 2015



I realized that pushing my physical abilities–how much I could lift, how many reps I could do, how many rounds of a conditioning workout I could take–created a trust in my own strength, my own ability to make things happen when I felt like there was nothing left to give.



Weighted Chin Ups, December 2014


And those things are huge.



This is why I speak so often about working out to get stronger, and not so much about working out to get ‘skinnier’ or leaner or shapelier. There’s nothing wrong with working out to achieve a different body aesthetic, but for me the real depth and power of exercise is how is builds your character. How it builds your self-trust. How it builds your ability to endure. Those, my friends, are worth working for.



12th CAB Combat Spouses’ Day Winners, 2014

While you’re busy challenging yourself to run a little farther, do a couple more reps, or take on a more challenging exercise, you’re also building the muscle of your character.



And THAT outcome is worth more than gold.


  1. Isha Greene says:

    You are so right Kate! When I was working out, I had more energy for the family, errands, volunteering, working and friends. I really do need to get out of my own head and get back in it harder; not, like you said “to be skinny” but to be stronger – for for whatever the Army throws at us, I can catch instead of letting it topple us over like bowling pins!

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