Best Ab Exercise in EVER.


Want to do the best, most effective, easy to do anywhere ab exercise EVER???

Want to feel and perform better doing squats, lunges, push ups, planks, deadlifts and overhead exercises of any kind??



Seriously, you read that right!

“Make the canister” refers to moving the ribcage to a better position so that it’s aligned with the pelvis, tightening the abs and supporting the spine in the process.  It’s an adjustment that can help ANYONE of any level of fitness perform and feel better.

To make the canister, you need to pull the bottom of your ribcage in so it lines up with your pelvis, and I dare you not to tighten your abs in the process!  What you end up with is a tight and stable torso where your abs are ‘on’ and your spine well-supported.





In squats, this translates to less low back pain and better use of your butt muscles.  In lunges, this translates to less low back pain and more stability/less wobbling.



In push ups this translates to less low back pain (see a theme here?) and a more rigid body–which makes the push up quite a bit more manageable!  (It’s the difference between moving a sand bag and a 2×4.  Catch my drift?)


Planks of any kind?  Same deal as the push ups.  Deadlifts?  Better use of the glutes, less chance of wrenching the low back.  And overhead exercises?  Done with a stable ‘canister,’ there is so much less chance of hurting the low back, and better use of the shoulders and/or back.

IMG_6002 (Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Presses)
Huge selling point/bonus to ‘making the canister’ throughout all your exercises in your workout?


MASSIVE ab work.  



I’ve had more clients complain about the burn from maintaining the canister throughout a workout than I’ve heard complain during ‘actual’ ab exercises.  It’s a vertical ab workout and more bang for your buck–which any of my clients will tell you I LOVE.


Plus, you can do it all day long in every other part of your life and get some awesome results.
So during your next strength training workout, or when you’re just hanging around the house or waiting in line at the store, try making the canister–and see what a difference it makes for you.


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