Practical Nutrition: My kind of diet.


Practical Nutrition, for me, begins with defining what’s most important in my ‘diet,’ which is what I call my daily and weekly eating patterns.

These things are the ‘Big Rocks,’ the things that are essential,

nonnegotiable and the foundation of my meal planning and diet.


For me, as an active mom, a runner, and someone who lifts challenging weights regularly throughout the week, my ‘Big Rocks’ are: consuming ample veggies, consuming adequate lean protein, including high quality carbohydrates, and drinking lots of water/fluids throughout the day. I aim to include a healthy fat along with my main meals, either as a side or condiment of sorts, or as a cooking oil, etc. 


My Basics:

  • I don’t do IIFYM (if it fits your macros), I don’t count calories, but I do count servings–of veggies, protein, and carbs–in my head. It’s not a scientifically-based choice, I just don’t like all the counting–too much mental energy spent!  Keeping a ‘tally’ count going is way easier on me.
  • Ideally, I try to get veggies and protein in throughout the day, with whatever carbs I might need at that time (the more active I am, the more carbs I tend to need).
  • I do my best to get my veggies in a variety of colors and textures throughout the week (better nutrient selection), and I try to also vary the sources of my protein.
  • Carbs depend on the day, my activity level, what the kids might want, and I try to vary those sources too–partly for nutritional purposes, partly to avoid boredom 😉 



I start my day with coffee (a nonnegotiable for me!), then drink lots of water, adding in green tea for variety midday or in the afternoons (green tea can make a great ‘iced tea’ to take along with you in your water bottle if plain water gets boring for you, and I’m sure lots of other herbal teas would work well, too).

When I take care of the Big Rocks, I am satiated, I feel good, I don’t have mood swings or huge energy shifts or overwhelming cravings. I feel strong, energetic, and capable of both taking care of the demands of my daily life and getting in great workouts.


What are your nutritional ‘Big Rocks’?
How do you structure your daily and weekly eating patterns?
What frustrations or concerns do you have regarding nutrition?
What are your successful habits/practices?

I’d love to hear from you!

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