Here’s What I Know For Sure.

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11 years old

I was never a slim child, and when my parents separated and divorced, some emotional eating habits were born.

Food was comforting, accessible, and filled a hole. I liked sports, but always felt uncomfortable, uncoordinated, and disliked the discomfort that accompanied training hard.


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Sixth Grade Soccer Season



Over many, many years (like the next 20), I went through periods of being slim and periods of being heavier, because it took me a really long time to address the emotional eating, understand I needed to exert myself regularly (and in which ways it was best for ME to do so), and make the connection between how I ate and how my body looked and felt. There was so much disconnect for so long, and many attempts at shortcuts with diet pills(GNC diet pills, Hydroxycut, Herbalife…), 2 hour bouts of exercise, doing the ‘workout du jour’ from fitness magazines and those recommended by fitness ‘experts’….


It took time to figure out what worked for ME, what worked for my lifestyle, my happiness–time and the good fortune of meeting sane and smart trainers who had mindsets that were both positive and fierce.


I don’t know if you ever fully shake emotional eating, or if you just learn to manage it in periods of stress. I don’t know if you ever totally shake poor body image, or the inner feeling of being ‘the fat kid.’


What I do know is that you should never give up. That learning what works for you, where both diet and exercise are concerned, is worth the time, effort and investment it requires. I know, from past experience and current life satisfaction, that the pursuit of living comfortably in one’s own skin is the ultimate goal, not a certain number on the scale, or level of body fat, or size of a pair of jeans.


That’s what I want for you–to find what’s best for YOU and to ultimately live comfortably in your own skin.

Whatever the effort, whatever the journey, it’s worth it.
YOU’RE worth it.

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