Mind your OWN business!

Today’s Trainer Tip:  

Mind your OWN business.

And, yes, this IS a fitness-related issue! Hear me out.


Last year was a challenging year on all levels. During that time, I sought resources to help me to be more resilient, and I participated in a 10-week Mindset Makeover course (conducted by Jill Coleman).


One of the greatest lessons I learned from the course was that of minding your own business–being dialed into what YOU are doing, not concerned about what others are doing, or thinking (about you), or saying (about you).


What others think about you, or say about you, or do is THEIR business–it’s about THEM and THEIR issues, not yours.


What’s more, when you buy into this philosophy, of being actively engaged in your own business and less concerned (or not at all concerned) about what others think/say/do, you find you don’t even have the time to be concerned about them.


When you really start turning that attention you may have been giving others inward, you’ll find that you’ve suddenly been freed to pursue your own desires, wishes, goals with more energy and intensity than before. You’ll find that you develop a greater sense of peace in your mind and your spirit.


And when you’re fully invested in and really minding YOUR own business and no one else’s, you won’t have the TIME to pay attention to anyone else’s business, because you’ll be living a life that is authentic, intensely interesting, and you’ll be accomplishing small and big goals right and left.


You will be a force to reckon with, and you will wonder why you ever spent time being concerned about what others are thinking/saying/doing.


Where I see this fitting into fitness in an everyday sense is in the fear that I’ve heard so many people (mainly women) express about going to the gym, and especially about using the weight room. I’ve heard women say they feel stupid trying to figure out which weights to use for what. I’ve heard women say that they are intimidated by the weight room because it is full of men.

I’ve heard people say they aren’t ready to go to the gym or take a particular class because they aren’t in good enough shape.

I’ve heard people say that they didn’t want to try something (in the gym/fitness realm) because they didn’t want to look stupid.


Instead of giving attention to what others might say/think/do about you and what you say/think/do, take that attention and dial it into what YOU are doing.


Not sure how to use a machine or weight? Curious about a class or even just where to start with a fitness program? Find someone you trust, near or far, and get a little instruction.

Learn what muscles/physical sensation you’re looking for and concentrate intensely on that body part.

Throw on your ‘mental blinkers,’ and take whatever peripheral focus you might have had on what’s going on around you and dial it inwards.

Make what you’re doing in that moment the only thing that matters–make YOUR business of working out your ONLY business in that moment.


This practice of minding your own business is just that, a practice.

It is a new way of thinking and behaving that is developed through repeated efforts. When you first begin to apply this practice, you’ll be confronted with old negative thoughts and thought patterns popping up or creeping in, telling you or tempting you to pay attention to the thoughts/words/actions of the people around you.

Your job is to recognize those thoughts, stop them in their tracks, refocus your attention inward, into YOUR business. It takes practice–I know from experience.

But with consistent effort, you’ll find it so much easier to attend less to the thoughts/words/actions of others, to accept that whatever they think/say/do is about them and their struggles, not about you at all.



“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”





Get into the business of minding your own business.

Your mind will thank you, your heart will thank you, your body will thank you. And it will be crazy the things you dare to do, and then accomplish, as a result. It makes me excited for you just thinking about it!



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