Your 4-step system for making 2018 epic


If you’re anything like me, you’re probably excited about the prospect of a new year, full of new opportunities to make big things happen.  




And, if you’re anything like me, you might also be feeling a little bit nervous or intimidated by the thought, ‘Now HOW am I going to make this happen??”




2017 was a growth year.  Awesome at times, so brutally painful at others.  I’m always grateful for growth, but rarely do I actually enjoy the pain so often involved in the process.



first muscle up



But, over the past few years, I’ve learned to ’embrace the suck’ and press on–whether it’s in a workout, through a transatlantic move, during recovery from an injury, rocky times in relationships, and especially when nagging self-doubt shakes my convictions and leaves me wanting to turn away from my goals instead of pursuing them.




2017 forced me to embrace the suck in ALL those areas, from start to finish.  As a result, I am a better person, coach/trainer, athlete, and human than I was on this day one year ago.




So as I set forth my new goals and objectives, both personally and professionally, and that nagging, fear-fueled question pops up–Now HOW am I going to make this happen???–I have an answer.




And a plan.



Born out of need and challenge and growing pains, here’s my 4-step system for making this next year epic.  



  1.  Reflect on your 2017 wins, then celebrate them.



When we look at how far we’ve come in the past year, how many new skills, abilities, strengths, and pieces of knowledge we’ve acquired or developed, it’s pretty impressive AND inspiring.  It makes us more conscious of what we are really capable of.



  1.  Find your WHY.


Or, if you already feel you know your WHY, revisit it.  Make it stronger.  Define it even more.  Know how your WHY impacts your life for the better, then make it your anchor.



  1. Let yourself dream.



What is it you want for yourself in 2018?  What gets you fired up when you think about doing it?  What goal(s) would be so amazing to accomplish this year?



  1.  Make THIS your 2018 Resolution:  Resolve to have Resolve.



Resolve to just keep showing up and doing the hard work in the gym or in the kitchen, even when the going gets tough and messy.  Resolve that you will have the resolve to press on even when it’s super hard to stick to your plan, and abandoning your objective seems necessary or logical in the face of resistance.




Resolve to keep your word to yourself.  Like Marie Forleo says, “To be responsible, keep your promises to others.  To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.”




And when quitting gets tempting, which it so often does in the ‘messy middle’ of change and progress, revisit your WHY.




Call on that big WHY that is your anchor to hold you on course.



Dream again about how it will feel when you continue to see your plan through, when you can see and/or feel your progress showing itself, how it will feel to reach that goal.  See it, feel it, live it.




We all start with grand aims, good intentions, and a whole bunch of ‘motivation’ at the beginning of a new year, or a new project, or any of many new starts.  It’s exciting, and fresh, and new and we are sure that our ‘future selves’ will be able to overcome the challenges that plagued our past selves.  That it’ll be different this time.




Then only way it will be different is if we are different–if we make our resolve (aka: our GRIT) greater, ‘stickier’ than our fears or human failings.



Again and again, I find that’s where the magic lies, where the big changes happen–on the inside and the outside.





When we know our why, grow our grit, dream big and live with conviction and passion and persistence, and choose to press on instead of give in or turn away from the path we’ve chosen, that’s when we grow.




That’s when we win.  And that’s how we KEEP winning, all day, all week, all month, and all year long.




To recap, your new system for greater and epic success in 2018 is this:



  1.  Reflect on your 2017 wins.


Be proud of yourself, be proud of the choices, the commitment, the determination that made those wins happen.  Let those wins energize and fuel your 2018 objectives and continue to grow your confidence in your own ability to make things happen in your life.



  1.  Really dial in on that big WHY.



Have it so defined you can boil it down to one word, or a motto, a mantra or a phrase.  Make it so solid and clear that you could spit it out as a ‘grocery store line answer’ to anyone who might ask you about it.  Make it your ‘anchor.’



  1.  Spend time visualizing yourself ‘winning,‘ imagining and seeing yourself hitting those little goals that lead you to the bigger ones.  Let yourself feel the emotions attached to those wins.  Let yourself really, viscerally feel how it will be to win with each of those small success, then those really big ones.



  1.  Resolve to have resolve above all else.


Grow your grit.  Become the most determined, fierce version of yourself in the face of adversity–not angry fierce, but “I will not be moved” fierce.  When faced with doubts or obstacles, go around, go under, go through, climb over, and take a knee when you must but do not quit on yourself, your dreams, your objectives.



Wash-rinse-repeat as much or as often as needed throughout the year.




So what are your biggest hopes, dreams, goals, and/or objectives for 2018?  I’d love to hear all about them.



Remember, life is for the living–both in the noun and verb sense.



Get out there and really live this year.



Chase those dreams with consistent action.



Be the most determined, persistent version of yourself possible.




Make this year epic, so when you sit down to reflect on your 2018 wins, you’re blown away by all you’ve done <3




Here’s to living epic lives, and Happy New Year!





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