Your 30-Day ‘Motivation’ Fix!

***Coming August 15: The “Just Move It” 30-Day Challenge***






Smack in the middle of my birthday workout last weekend, I was struck by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude–for my health, for the support and guidance I’ve had from so many amazing people on my journey, and for the vitality I’m enjoying at 43 years old.





So I decided I needed to give back a little, or at least pay it forward.



Here’s the first step in my commitment to do what I can to support others in feeling their best, too, at any and every age.



***Coming August 15: The “Just Move It” 30-Day Challenge***



This will be a consistency challenge, where the goal is to get in some kind of movement or exercise in every single day for 30 days STRAIGHT.



I know the dog days of summer and the start of school can throw our best plans for a loop, so this challenge is aimed at getting us all committed to moving daily, no matter the challenges.



7-day challenges are great for boosting intensity, but consistency is what gets us the real results, so this one is a full-on, 30-day challenge!



What is the Just Move It 30 Challenge??

This is a challenge designed to help you build or reinforce consistency—to make some kind of intentional physical movement a part of your normal, everyday life.



The goal is to make moving or working out “just part of what we do.”



I’ve been working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 5+ years, and the biggest obstacles to success I see people struggle with are Mindset and Consistency.



The #JustMoveIt30 Challenge is my way of tackling both challenges at once to help you cultivate resilience in the face of challenge.



In other words, I want you to believe that you CAN do this—that you can stay active, strong, determined and empowered, even when things get tough.





Starting August 15, participants in the “Just Move It 30” Challenge will engage in some kind of physical activity each day.



These bouts of physical activity can be:
*A ‘5-minute mini’
*Taking a walk
*Going for a run
*Going to a fitness class
*Doing yoga
*Lifting weights
*OR any other kind of workout




ANY kind of intentional, physical movement counts, whether it’s 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or more minutes in duration.



It doesn’t matter what KIND of movement you do, as long as you DO it each day.



For 30 days straight, we’re going to choose GRIT over quit!



How to Participate:
–> First, sign up here:



–>And then you’ll get the welcome email with ALL the nitty gritty.



–>Then, beginning August 15, you’ll do some kind of physical activity every single day for 30 days straight.



Outcomes of participating in the #JustMoveIt30 Challenge:
+ Increased determination
+ Find new ways of sneaking in workouts—even on busy days
+ Get out of the ‘all-or-nothing’ exercise mindset
+ Increased self-confidence
+An ‘I got this!’ attitude
+ Feelings of pride and accomplishment!



AND you can win prizes, too!



  • EVERYONE who completes this challenge and submits a picture with the #JustMoveIt30 hashtag each of the 30 days wins a FREE 4-week CUSTOMIZED fitness plan designed to meet the unique needs of YOUR body and lifestyle (a $300 value)


Really! It’s my way of ‘giving back.’



I just celebrated my 43rd birthday, and I’m deeply grateful for another year on earth, and for being able to move and enjoy having a healthy body.

standing profile pic


One of the ways I’m choosing to show gratitude for the gifts I’ve been given and good health I enjoy is to give more of myself to others as well–to help women move more, feel better, lead more satisfying lives, and feel strong and vital, inside and out.



The Result:  The Just Move It 30-Day Challenge!



Sign Up HERE:

to Just Move It for 30 with me, too!



Questions? Message me OR email me at



Here’s to becoming our best at every stage of life!


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