How adding more gets you better results.

Reset ButtonSo you got off-track.
Your best intentions for getting or staying on a regular exercise schedule didn’t pan out.
Maybe your ‘I’m going to start eating better’ plan didn’t come to fruition.
And you might be feeling a little disappointed, maybe a little lethargic, maybe a lot unmotivated.
What do you do now?
Go on some crazy, extreme ‘quick fix’ to get yourself ‘right’ again?
Throw out the baby with the bathwater in the process, while you throw yourself headlong into a massive diet-and-exercise overhaul…only to have it all backslide after 3 weeks of ‘being good’ and ‘on-plan’?
Or maybe you start over, TODAY, with just ONE small change that’s pointing you in a healthier, happier direction.
One small improvement you can make each day:  a ‘plus ONE’ approach.
Now, making one small change might sound, well, kind of insignificant, or maybe even a little wimpy.  It’s not the grand, brag-worthy, intense, restrictive, grueling ‘fix’ that you can tell everyone you’re toughing it out through.
Then again, how long would that grueling, Herculean effort actually last?  In my personal and professional experience, about 3 weeks.  Sometimes 4, but that’s pretty generous.  And it inevitably leads back to square one, in a hurry, with the extra mental baggage of having ‘failed’ once again.
So instead of trying to ‘right the ship’ all in one fell swoop, maybe using a more reasonable, realistic and just plain long-term effective approach, like the Plus ONE approach, is a better way to go right now!
Here’s the deal:
–>  +1 is always greater than zero
–>  +’everything all at once’ can only be a painful sprint effort at best
But Plus ONE?  Plus 1 is do-able.  It’s a small win, a consistent measureable sign of doing better that we can handle, that we can stick with, that we can feel proud of.
So what does this Plus 1 approach look like in real life?
It might depend on what your biggest challenges are currently, or what’s the easiest thing for you to tackle right away—because taking action is key to making this kind of approach work.  It might be something that you are super confident you can do consistently right now.
Possibilities, based on the challenges I regularly hear my clients and readers face, could include:
  • drinking one more glass of water each day
  • changing their after-dinner snack
  • adding in just one more serving of veggies each day
  • adding in just 10 minutes of movement to each day
  • adding in one strength training workout per week
  • adding a short walk to the after-dinner ritual
  • adding one serving of protein to breakfast (or lunch, or dinner…)
Notice it’s ALL about ADDING 1 thing IN, as opposed to taking things out, excluding or restricting or avoiding.
It’s about making workable additions and ‘crowding out’ old behaviors with new ones—because our brains aren’t wired to ditch old patterns of behavior (kind of inconvenient, I know), but they ARE wired to learn new patterns of behavior, and when these patterns are repeated many times over time, they become the ‘new normal.’
That’s why consistency is such a big deal—and engaging in small, easily repeatable behaviors is so much more effective in creating the habits we want to have so that we can lead the kind of life we desire to lead.
It’s like what Tony Robbins says, “In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”
Extremes, by nature aren’t sustainable.  Plus 1?  Those we can do every day.
And when the first Plus 1 becomes normal—just a regular part of daily real life, then you get to Plus 1 another thing.  By ‘plussing up’ regularly and consistently, you will effect massive change over time—on your mind, your body and your life.
Give the Plus 1 approach a shot TODAY!
Remember to think about ONE thing that either challenges you the most right now, or is the easiest to act on right now, or one positive change you are super confident you can do and stick with right NOW.
Maybe one of the suggestions above can be a great place for you to start!  Whatever it is, take action—don’t wait or hesitate.  Because it’s what we DO consistently that shapes our lives.
What are you waiting for? 🙂
Keep ‘plussing up’ and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂
PS–Here’s a link to a workout to get you moving.  It’s a fun, simple boredom-buster that you can do at home or in the gym!


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