focus on your CANs



When we’re injured, or off our game, or feel like our hands are tied behind our backs by life and we’re not able to do all the things we want to be able to do, it’s easy to get discouraged.



It’s so easy to get tunnel vision about our situation, fixated on our pain, or our injury, or all the ways we’re penned in or inconvenienced. Actually, it’s a natural reflex of the brain to have a ‘negativity bias,’ or immediately shift into thinking about what’s wrong.


So you’re not a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy if you find yourself getting sucked into ‘what’s wrong’ mode—it happens.




I know this one all too well, from having train-wrecked my low back/pelvis in a riding accident 10 years ago, from breaking my big toe 6 years ago and then developing a bone infection, from tearing a meniscus and needing surgery and six months of rehab to fix it 5 years ago, from needing 14 weeks of physical therapy to overcome tendonitis in my shoulder, and from recovering from tweaking my back last year, and from years and years of dealing with an all-too-often unpredictable and inconvenient Army lifestyle.


I get those feelings. I get how they can pull you under, how it can be tough to see anything but where you’re ‘stuck.’


This is exactly the time, however, when we need to refocus—to shift our perspective to one that searches for our CANs rather than dwelling on our can’ts.


Fixating on our can’ts keeps us stuck and struggling—at least mentally and emotionally. But refocusing on what we CAN do—that’s uplifting, empowering, and pushes us back into action.


If you’ve got a lower body injury, shift your focus to what you can do with your core and upper body.


Running might be out for you, which means it might be a perfect time to dedicate yourself to training for doing those pull ups, push ups, nailing down a bulletproof heavy kettlebell swing, and developing those rock hard abs.





If some part of your upper body is giving you the business, it’s a perfect time to start doubling up on your ab and glute work while you heal that elbow or shoulder.




If your back is on the mend, it’s an ideal time to refocus all your training efforts on creating a super strong core and learn to make your hip muscles work better for you.


Here’s a short workout that might be right up your alley:


Focus on your CANS. Take back your power. Find the things you CAN do that keep you in the game—that keep you positive and proactive and building/maintaining muscle.


Then put all your energy into those projects with laser-like focus. Do what you need to heal or make it through the situation you’re in, but don’t let it suck you down.


Find your fight. Find your power. Find what you CAN do. Then CAN yourself forward.



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