DSC_4126copyAre you MMP?


That is:






The more I read, learn, coach, teach, train and develop as an athlete myself, the more I find all roads lead back to these 3 fundamentals, and that cultivating these traits in ourselves is the key to succeeding.


And not just succeeding in the short-term or crushing just one goal, but in really creating the life, body, and satisfying experience that is the thing that’s truly at the root of our diet and fitness efforts.


We have to be present in our bodies and aware of our own thinking and behavior patterns before we stand a chance of really changing. If we act without awareness, and just do things for the sake of ‘doing something’ we miss the target, and we waste a lot of time and energy in the process.


We go on diets because they promise big things, even if it’s not really what OUR body needs, or we make ourselves start running, or follow some famous fitness professionals program because it promises big changes. And it doesn’t stick because it’s not what we REALLY need, we aren’t invested in it, and we get frustrated with ourselves for ‘failing again.’


But if we are MINDFUL instead, if we listen to the feedback our bodies give us from the meals/foods we eat, if we engage in activities that we like and are constructive for our bodies’ current needs, and spend time understanding our own behavioral tendencies and cultivate more positive thinking and helpful habits, then we are able to do the things that will stick, that will make us feel more successful and better all over instead.




To be successful, to feel successful, to create and maintain those desired changes in our bodies and lifestyles, we have to be PERSISTENT, because nothing comes easy–and it never comes right when we want it to.


As defined by Merriam-Webster:

“Simple Definition of persistence

: the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people

: the state of occurring or existing beyond the usual, expected, or normal time”


We just plain have to be willing to ‘hang in there’ longer than we want to, and in the face of opposition or difficulty.


This isn’t some god-given quality bestowed upon us or some crazy character trait only some people possess, but choices that we make day after day–we simply decide to persist, to keep trying, rather than throw in the towel. Sometimes we may take a knee, but we never give up.




And last, we must be PATIENT. When we are making the small, simple but significant lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, mindset) that must happen to create those larger changes we seek, we have to be patient. I know we all want our results like yesterday already, but it takes time for those results to manifest themselves.


Sometimes, it takes a REALLY long time for those results to manifest themselves in the ways we seek–the evidence we can see and measure with our own eyes.



But if we give up too soon, or switch up our approach, or jump ship to start another plan, we often never reach our goals because we don’t give the results the time to develop. So we have to ‘slow our roll’ a little, and keep putting in the daily, incremental work that is in line with the changes we seek to create.


So in the end, real and lasting success is going to come from being more MPP–Mindful, Persistent and Patient:

–> Self-aware enough to make consistently helpful choices that are right for US, and to make different choices as needed

–> To stick with it, even when it seems like there’s no hope or it’s not working

–> To be able to wait longer than we want to see the evidence of the success of our hard work and consistent, helpful choices and behaviors


Be more MPP, be more successful–and happy and satisfied along the way.



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