One tool to feel better in your own skin right NOW.

Love what you’ve got.



Some women showcase their legs, or cleavage, or glutes; I showcase my back and shoulders!


Traveling in Europe always gives me perspective on the concepts of what’s beautiful, what’s desireable, what’s ‘normal.’



When I was 14 years younger, newly married and living in Germany the first time, I would drive myself crazy comparing myself to other women, and always come up short and feeling ‘less than.’



But at a certain point, I actively chose to see my strengths not just my ‘flaws,’ to appreciate my own human vehicle while also appreciating other people’s.



It is possible to see other people’s strengths and beauty and appreciate them without it taking away from our own.



We can say, “she’s gorgeous” without it meaning we’re not, and we can say that we’re gorgeous without it meaning that someone else isn’t or is less so…it just took me 38ish years to internalize that lesson 🙂



Work what you’ve got, love what you’ve got, don’t worry about what you don’t.



Ditch the comparison trap and just be YOUR best you every day.



Life’s way more peaceful this way ❤️



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