Trainer Tip Tuesday: Pause Your Squat

Today’s Tip: Pause your squat.




To make your squats stronger, more comfortable and just all around better, add a pause to your squats during one of your workouts.






It’s pretty easy and common to rush through our squats–especially if we’re doing them as part of a timed workout, in a class, or as part of a circuit.



And when we rush through our squats a couple of things can happen: we get a little sloppy and maybe develop some not-so-helpful habits/techniques, and we miss out on the opportunity to develop even more glute strength.



More glute strength = being able to squat more weight, build a stronger and tighter booty, and feel more powerful coming out of the bottom of the squat.


Plus, when we use more muscle, we build more muscle and that translates to more calorie-burning potential in our biggest muscle groups–even when we’re sleeping. Score!




To put the paused squat into practice, use a moderate weight (dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells–doesn’t matter), tighten up your abs/pull the ribs down, and lower slowly with tension in your glutes–just like you always do, right?!?!




Once you hit the bottom of your squat, or end range of motion, hang out there for 1-3 breaths (start with one, work up to two or three).



kb frontsquat

While you’re sitting down there, you’ll quickly recognize any ‘cheats’ you’ve gotten used to using: relying too much on one leg, not keeping you abs tight enough, rolling the shoulders forward, arching the low back too much….




And the pause gives you time to make some of the needed ‘shifts’ to your form to clean it up so you can perform even better in the future!




To finish up your paused squat, try to stand as forcefully/explosively as possible and really squeeze your glutes tight once you’ve returned to full standing/start position.




My Functional Fitness class peeps did 5 rounds of 5 reps of paused front squats today and had really good results, so give it a shot during one of your next squat workouts!



Better form and tighter glutes await you…. 🙂



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