Have Vision Beyond Your Circumstances



There are times when it can be hard to see or recognize the promise and potential outcomes of our actions, our daily hard work and efforts.



Times when we’re thick in the middle of ‘it,’ whatever it may be (a new nutrition plan, working out, building new skills, starting a new job…), when we feel stuck.



We feel unsure of our efforts–we feel unsure that our efforts will pay off or pay out the way we want them to so badly.




We’ve invested ourselves, with our precious resources: time, energy, sacrifice, money, and although we’ve been putting in the effort, we’re not sure we’re making headway.




This is the time when we have to do what I call ‘Grit forward with faith.’




We have to continue to invest ourselves in the pursuit of our goals/dreams, because transformations (of every kind) take TIME.



They take MORE time than we think they *should.*



That doesn’t mean our efforts aren’t working, that we aren’t getting closer to our goals/dreams; it just means we can’t SEE the payoff…YET.



It means we need to continue to invest our time, effort, energy, and hopes. It means we see beyond the place where we feel ‘stuck,’ and to recognize that, however slow it may be, progress is progress.



It means we need to, as Brendon Burchard says, have vision beyond our circumstances.



Keep your eye on the prize. Never doubt that your hard work today is fruitless; truly it’s the only thing getting you closer to your goals, to being that person you wish to be in the world.



See the potential for a different future for yourself, and keep gritting forward in faith.





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