Trainer Tip Tuesday: Commit to being Curious

It’s Trainer Tip Tuesday!

Today’s Tip: Commit to being Curious–permanently curious.


Simply accepting that our bodies will always be changing can be a huge source of relief.



I can’t tell you how many women I’ve worked with held onto an ideal based on their weight or size in high school or college—in their heads, they thought they had get back to that body in order to be okay.



I TOTALLY get that. I spent so many years trying to cram myself back into my 22 year-old, really slim and lean body…but even by the age of 23, that was impossible. By 23, I’d had a huge ovarian cyst removed, and my abdominal skin was never the same.



After raking myself over the coals for 9 years of 20 lb fluctuations and then one baby, I finally surrendered that former ‘perfect’ body concept.


4 weeks


I started by saying, “Well, let’s see what I can do with what I’ve got now.”




There was so much relief, freedom and empowerment in just allowing myself to ‘see what I can do’ with the body I have.



It’s a saying that has allowed me to grow through another pregnancy, changes in lifestyle, changes in diet and training plans, aging (yes, that!) and just generally ‘morphing,’ as us humans do over time.




And the openness of the perspective of being curious about what’s possible versus trying to achieve a very specific or certain physical outcome that makes the journey a positive one that can be enjoyed, rather than a harsh struggle to ‘dominate’ ourselves and control the outcome of any dietary or exercise efforts.



Just saying, ‘That was my then; I’m making the best of my now,” can create a greater sense of flexibility; it’s permission to let go of rigid standards and do what works best now.





Being curious gives us a chance to enjoy and explore and grow with our bodies rather than desperately seeking to contain and control them.





And I know choosing the route of peace has given me great relief the past few years. Funny enough, that’s when the best physical changes came about, too.







Choosing curiosity over fear is making the journey so much more enjoyable.



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