Trainer Tip Tuesday: Strategy trumps Willpower.

It’s Trainer Tip Tuesday!

Today’s Tip: Strategy trumps Willpower.


How many of us have started the day with great intentions of eating well/sticking to ‘the plan,’ and done a really good job…UNTIL.


Until late in the afternoon, or in the evening when we’re worn out from ‘adulting’–making decisions, responding to other people’s needs, taking care of business, commuting, dealing with homework, etc, etc, and then we could care less about the intention to ‘eat healthy’ or control our portions, or skip the glass of wine while we cook (true story).




We are DONE. We used up all our ‘will’ on other decisions and actions all day long.


This, my friends, is where we need to bring in some strategy. And strategy involves some honest assessment of where our weak spots are, and coming up with plans for how to avoid the pitfalls that so often hang us up.


If the wheels fall off your best intentions around the same time of day consistently, or if there are certain days of the week that are extra busy or stressful, or there are particular occasions that challenge you–maybe a weekly meeting–we need to acknowledge it.


No guilt or shame or berating ourselves, just acknowledging that those are consistent pitfalls.


Next, we figure out what we could do differently to get around those pitfalls and feel more successful.


Ready to eat the paint off the walls when you get home? Find yourself cramming whatever isn’t nailed down into your mouth before you try and assemble dinner?


Maybe having a nutritious snack planned/ready to grab can help. Something like cut veggies and a hummus dip or guacamole that you can munch on that won’t throw you off course while you cook dinner.




Or maybe eating a quality protein bar in the car on the drive home could help–I did that just last week. And it didn’t impact my overall food intake because I naturally adjusted my dinner portions to meet my needs.


IMG_8841 IMG_4009












If you have a day of running the kids to practices and extra lessons, etc, and you find yourself feeling worn thin/frazzled by the time you get home, take 3-5 minutes to put your feet up the wall (yoga/stretch position) and practice belly breathing.




Sometimes calming down relieves the urgency of needing to put something in our mouths to calm us…like that glass of wine while cooking (ahem).


When we have a plan, or backup plans, in place we don’t have to rely on our will.


We know our options, we make quick, stressless choices and follow through on the plan we made when we were rested and saw the big picture better.


If you’re finding yourself in a losing battle with willpower, especially at the end of the day, try a little quick analysis and creating a strategy for a change!


It just might be the simple solution you need to keep you eating nutritiously and feeling good–both inside and out.



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