Location, location, location.


I totally had a moment just now.


I sat down to have lunch in front of the computer while I put the finishing touches on the coaching email for my continuity community (Get REAL Fit).


You know, to ‘multitask’ because I’m feeling the GSD push today and I was going to knock out two birds with one stone.


Except as soon as I sat down and took the first bite, one hand on the mouse, I realized I was starting to shovel a huge bite of food into my mouth with ZERO sense of what I was eating.


Just shovel-chew-swallow.


A few years ago, it never would have occurred to me that what I was doing was unhelpful–I would have chowed down that entire bowl of Chicken Florentine in less than 5 minutes, then probably gone back for seconds because I didn’t feel satiated by what I’d just eaten.


But, because I’ve been practicing mindful eating habits for years, and I’ve been writing about them lots these days, I caught myself on that first bite.


Instead of chowing down, I pushed back from the computer, slowed my chewing of each bite, and looked out the window to create a more relaxed experience where I was present, mindful and enjoying my food.


The process took less than 10 seconds to change course BECAUSE I’ve been practicing mindful eating for years and developed a few strategies for catching, interrupting and redirecting unhelpful behaviors–like eating too much, too fast and in a distracted state.



What I encourage you to do is to just take notice of where you are and what you’re doing while you’re eating today.


Things to consider:

–>How much are you sitting, standing, moving, talking or multitasking while you eat?

–>Does it affect how fast you eat?

–>Are you truly enjoying your food and noticing it’s flavor and texture, or are you just passing it by your lips reflexively?


Making big changes in our nutrition and body composition often start with small changes and just building basic awareness around the actions we take most often, because it’s the cumulative effect of those choices that shape us.


Start small today, and add a ‘mindfulness check’ to your eating!



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