Trainer Tip Tuesday: SMILE to perform better!

crazy c25k finale

Trainer Tip Tuesday

Today’s tip: SMILE when you’re working out–even if you don’t feel like it!


Smiling so that your cheeks are engaged ‘tricks’ your brain into thinking you’re having a good time.

This creates a bigger release of ‘happy hormones,’ like serotonin and endorphins, which relieve pain and make you ‘feel good.’



BUT, it needs to be a Duchenne smile to be effective:

“Duchenne smiles are the only type of smile that creates this positive effects. These smiles engage the muscles in the mouth, cheeks, and eyes and are considered to be genuine smiles.”


So the next time you’re in the middle of that wicked conditioning workout, HIIT workout, long run or heavy lift, remember to smile and make your workout AND your results even better!


Plus, smiling just feels a whole lot better than frowning during a workout or a rough day–I’ve given the ‘game face’/frowning thing plenty of testing in the past.

16kg clean and press July 2015

Case in point. Yes, I was suffering.


The smiling thing, and even laughing at myself, works out WAY better–in the moment AND the long run 🙂


But don’t take my word for it–try it out yourself! 🙂


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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