Trainer Tip Tuesday: be YOUR best you–at any size



It’s Trainer Tip Tuesday, and this one is both close to my heart and one of the core values of Real Life Fit by Kate:

Be YOUR best you.



There are so many ideas, thoughts and opinions about what our ‘best’ should be, and sometimes all that noise is hard to shut out!


But really, at the end of the day, WE have to define for ourselves what OUR best sounds, looks, moves and feels like.


I was so inspired and moved by my cousin Lisa’s words today, which demonstrate this belief in action so well:


“Today I am thankful that I am strong. I have an auto immune disease that is debilitating sometimes, but….I am strong. I have a job where I lift heavy patients who can’t move much sometimes, and I can do it easily. I can run! I am good at it! I’m not a super fast runner, but I can do it. I find a pace that I can maintain, and I can run forever. That’s my goal, not speed. I’m not stick-thin, I have muscles and am thankful for my dads genes. I am strong and grateful for it!”



We live in a culture where skinny and super lean are touted as ‘fit’ and the ideal version of the female form.


I call bullshit.



I say it’s up to each and every one of us to decide and define what OUR best version of ourselves is–in terms of skills, abilities, size, shape, strength, and our quality of character.


There is no wrong way to have a body

Which is why I say often, and hashtag even more frequently:  Be YOUR best you.


Spend time finding out what you want, what makes you tick, what you value most, and how YOU want to be in this world–then make your actions, your fitness, nutrition and personal choices align with that best version of you.


Anything else is just cheating yourself.


And you deserve to live a full and meaningful life.



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