Trainer Tip Tuesday: Make your warm up work for YOU.


It’s Trainer Tip Tuesday!


This week’s tip: make your warm ups work for YOU.


Once upon a time, my warm ups consisted of a few minutes walking on a treadmill or pedaling on an elliptical–and that’s what I recommended my clients did for their warm-ups, too!

Then I learned better and started doing better.

A warm up isn’t just for the purpose of ‘warming up’ and elevating the heart rate to prepare the body for some extra exertion.

  • The purpose of a warm up is also to prepare the joints that are going to be moving more, and get them releasing more synovial fluid to ‘grease’ the joint and make all that extra movement more comfortable.
  • The purpose of a warm up is also to prep the muscles, tendons and ligaments involved that will be involved in your workout, to get them a little more ‘bendy and flexy’ as I like to put it.
  • But one of the purposes that gets overlooked sometimes is the prepping of the brain that is super important to the quality of one’s workout. It’s two-fold: first, you’re prepping your neuromuscular system to react and respond better AND you’re also setting your conscious intent for your workout–taking a moment to set goals, envision your success and become more present in your body.



Mindless walking on the treadmill doesn’t effectively accomplish these things!

What does is a series of movements that mimic the movements you’ll be engaging in during your workout–often called a dynamic movement warm up.


There are about a million different variations you can do, because the movements you choose are specific to your needs!


BUT it’s always a great idea to include exercises that take you through the major movement patterns (push, pull, rotate, hip hinge, squat) and get all the major joints of the body moving, too–ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists.


During these dynamic movement warm ups, you’ll have the opportunity to start noticing how the different parts of your body feel and start dialing in your mindfulness and turning off all the other busy thoughts of the day.


It’s also a great time to quietly review the elements of your coming workout in your mind, and set your intention for how hard you’ll be working, how smooth your movements will be and how you’ll achieve the success you seek by the end of your workout.


And who doesn’t want to walk away from their workout feeling satisfied and successful?!


One of my new favorite and TIME-SAVING dynamic movement warm ups is a combination of 5 elements that turns into a ‘flow’ warm up:

-Spiderman Lunges
-Hip Flexor activations
-Hamstring ‘stretches’
-Thoracic twists


Perform the sequence 3 to 5 times each side while dialing in your body awareness and setting your workout intention, and you have a super winning, effective and time-saving warm up.


Bottom line: Skip the treadmill/elliptical/bike warm up and up your workout mojo with a dynamic movement warm up! It’s win-win-win.

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