Sharpie yourself in.

scheduling for the win!

Remember the saying, “I’ll pencil you in”?


I always thought that was funny, because writing anything in pencil implies that it’s able to be easily erased–hello, math class!



While the actual act of ‘penciling’ someone in is probably on the decline due to automated calendars, reminders and alarms on all kinds of electronic devices, the saying is still out there–in certain circles at least ūüėČ


But it’s this saying that comes to mind when talking with clients, family and friends about ‘finding’ time to work out.


One of the first obstacles many people find where fitness matters are concerned is in the scheduling of their workouts.


It often seems like everything under the sun gets written into a schedule before any consideration of workout needs happens at all.  Which, of course, leaves very little reasonable opportunity to work in those workouts!


Notice I said ‘reasonable’ opportunities–not the odds and ends fragments of time left after you’ve plugged all your other variables into your day.¬†The likelihood of a workout happening at those moments tends to be pretty slim. ¬†Those are the ‘catch my breath’ moments!


Writing anything in pencil screams ‘indefinite’ to me. ¬†It can be erased and replaced so easily.


Which is why I adopted the saying, “SHARPIE yourself in.”


Ever try to erase something written in Sharpie? ¬†(I’m betting some of you parents have some interesting attempted-Sharpie-removal stories)


Yeah, that stuff’s not going anywhere–which is exactly my point.

When you write something in Sharpie, it’s not going anywhere–no erasing, no replacing.


Which brings me to you and your workouts–rather than penciling yourself into your schedule of responsibilities, work, family, household, community or otherwise, make your own fitness and wellness a priority and Sharpie your workouts into your daily and weekly schedules.


In my life, putting those workout plans first thing in the day is the best guarantee of a good outcome because there’s less likelihood of having to deal with outside interferences. ¬†But if your workout time is in the afternoon or evening, stick to your guns and really SHARPIE it into your day.


Each week, I sit down, usually on Sundays, and evaluate the week’s plans. ¬†Aside from the set-in-stone events: ¬†recurring school and sport stuff,¬†I won’t write anything else in my schedule until I’ve ‘sharpie-d’ in my own workouts.



After that, I’ll plot and plan in all the other household and business to-do’s, and most of these are flexible events that are much easier to fit in around my workouts than vice-versa.


*Quick side note: ¬†I work from home currently, and I totally acknowledge that if you have¬†office hours you’ll likely have¬†a different scheduling challenge than I do at the moment. ¬†The ‘Sharpie’ approach might be even more beneficial for you in building consistency and relieving stress :)*


Of course we know Plan A can sometimes fall¬†through, for whatever reason, so having your Plan B’s in your backpocket is necessary, too.


I’d liken this to ‘Sharpie-ing’ your backup plans into the margin under the ‘notes’ section of your calendar–it’s there for reference if you need it, preplanned and ready to go.


By getting in those workouts, you’ll physically feel better, be more productive, and be more consistent (which means feeling more successful), so carving out that time, making those plans¬†indelible¬†is the worth effort it might¬†take¬†to make it happen.


Make your own wellness, fitness and health a priority. ¬†Try the SHARPIE approach, either mentally or on paper, (if you’re ‘old school’ and have a day planner like me), and make your workout plans indelible.


Let me know how it works for you!

Talk to you soon,


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