The T-Shirt said…

The T-Shirt read:

“I am practicing mindfulness, compassion, and loving kindness, so don’t piss me off.”


Who can relate?!? It’s easier to be in the flow when no one is pissing you off 😉

In all seriousness though, I’ve been actively invested in practicing compassion, kindness, and forgiveness towards others for the past year in particular.
(Side note–being kind does not mean taking shit.)

I try pretty hard every day to think kind thoughts or forgive crappy behavior. You never know what’s going on with another person–like with the shrill-voiced, snipey flight attendant on my flight into Asheville. I chalked it up to having a long day dealing with flight delays, half-working air conditioning on the plane, and random storms. Done, moving on.

The gorgeous thing about actively thinking kind, compassionate, forgiving thoughts about others? It’s helped me to be kinder, more compassionate and more forgiving towards myself–which allows me to grow with an open heart rather than hide and shrink in shame. Kind of a big deal.

Like when I slipped into ‘fangirl’ mode, rather than fitness business owner and coach mode, when I met someone I’ve admired in the biz who is super accomplished (Jen Sinkler, of Lift Weights Faster, which by the way is such an awesome program and resource).

I felt like such a schmuck afterwards, and it took a little bit to shake it off. But, like I did with the flight attendant, I just chalked it up to it being my first business rodeo and not having matured enough as a fit pro yet. No biggie, just something to learn from. Done, moving on.

Same thing when I make a poor food choice, or don’t show up with my best for a workout, or give in a little sooner than I need to when things are hard. I practice kindness, compassion, forgiveness and move on. Because being harsh with myself makes me want to shrink, not grow. And I’m in the business, personally and professionally, of growing greater and helping others do the same.

Kindness, compassion and forgiveness rock. Throw in a sprinkle of gratitude, and you have a formula for growing forward in greater peace.

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