When in doubt…persist.

I find in the beginning of so many of our fitness and lifestyle changes, we get excited about our new journey and have fresh, strong intentions.


We charge out the gate, determined to do what it takes to meet our goals, and we go strong…for about three weeks.


Then things start to get harder.

Our initial enthusiasm wanes, we get tired, we get sore, we get tired AND sore, and we don’t necessarily have many observable results to reassure us that we’re on the right track.


This is where your grit comes in.

This is where you have to go forward on faith, one foot in front of the other (literally and figuratively), and you just have to persist.


Losing steam isn’t a sign it’s ‘not meant to be,’ it’s the place where we grow–stronger, more determined, more resilient.


Lean into the struggle, believe in your efforts, structure your schedule and life to support your efforts, get a mantra (or 2 or 10!), get a support network and tap into them–whether it’s a friend, family member or online fitness community.


Persist, persist, persist.

The hard part is where you grow.

And it’s the part you will also be most proud of yourself, because you continued.

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